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Human Resources

Organisational Aims:

  • To be the leading supplier of solid and coated PGM products
  • To make profits and returns on investment such that we can pay bonuses every year
  • To deliver the products our customers want on-time, all the time
  • To provide the best quality products and to respond positively to any problems that arise
  • To continuously improve our products and services to be better than the competition
  • To operate always with good Health, Safety awareness and zero injuries to staff
  • Use resources responsibly, minimise our environmental footprint & still be here in another 200 yrs
  • To be honest, ethical, socially responsible, and a good neighbour
  • To create a happy, pleasant workplace, where people want to work
  • To have a workplace we can all be proud of

Aims that are supported by -

Organisational Values:

  • We believe listening and responding to the needs of customers is the key to future success
  • We believe delivering the highest quality products is the basis of our business
  • We believe complacency is our enemy and continuous improvement protects jobs
  • We believe good housekeeping sets the scene for a productive environment
  • We believe nothing is so important that it cannot be done safely
  • We believe we do not have to destroy the environment to succeed in our aims
  • We believe good communication is the key to solving most problems at work
  • We believe a happy employee is a productive employee, and one that will be retained
  • We believe in developing our people, as people make the difference between good & bad businesses
  • We believe respecting each other is an important part of succeeding in our aims
  • We believe in rewarding and recognising effort and celebrating our successes

And our staff

Staff Responsibilities:

  • Our staff strive to carry out their work to the best of their ability and to specification
  • Our staff are flexible and responsive in ensuring we meet our customers' expectations
  • Noble Metals staff look after company assets and interests at all times (including PGMs)
  • Noble Metals staff all contribute to keeping their workplace clean and tidy
  • Noble Metals staff are responsible for their own and their colleagues Health & Safety
  • Noble Metals staff highlight problems when they arise in a professional and open way
  • Noble Metals staff all play a role in setting standards of work and behaviour
  • Noble Metals staff treat others as they would wish to be treated themselves
  • Noble Metals staff are aware of the sensitivities of others and behave accordingly
  • Noble metals staff welcome diversity and value everyone's contribution regardless of race, creed, colour, sex, age, or social background
  • Noble Metals staff share learning and are supportive of one another using their strengths to support others weaknesses and expect the same in return

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