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Johnson Matthey Noble Metals
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Market - Aerospace
Supplying precious metal products for use in Aerospace industries.
Market - Automotive
Supplying precious metal products for use in Automotive industries
Market - Electronics
Platinum Group Metals for the Electronics industry
Market - Fabricated Items
Fabricated Items
Bespoke Platinum Group Metal Fabrications
Market - Glass
Johnson Matthey is the only global fabricator offering a complete range of complementing technologies for glass manufacturers.
Market - Gold
Manufacturing Gold and Gold alloys for a range of applications
Market - Iridium
World Leader in the manufacture of Iridium products
Market - Jewellery
Manufacturing Platinum Group Metals for the Jewellery Industry
Market - Laboratory Apparatus
Laboratory Apparatus
Johnson Matthey manufactures a variety of Platinum Group Metal Laboratory Apparatus for use, such as crucibles, dishes, casting moulds and Platinum tipped tongs
Market - Medical
Johnson Matthey offers the broadest range of capabilities in the fabrication of precious metals and alloys, nitinol and engineered plastics for medical device components
Market - N<sub>2</sub>O Abatement
N2O Abatement
Johnson Matthey are the market leaders in the supply of Nitrous oxide Abatement Catalyst
Market - Nitro Technologies
Nitro Technologies
Supplying catalysts for the production of Nitric Acid, HCN, Caprolactam and N2O abatement.
Market - Plant Cleandown
Plant Cleandown
Johnson Matthey alongside RS Bruce can provide a range of services for plant cleaning and metal recovery.
Market - Refining Services
Refining Services
Offering full refining services for customers with Precious Metal products
Market - Rhodium
World Class manufacturing capabilities for Rhodium products
Market - Sensors
Platinum Group Metals for accurate Temperature Measurement
Market - Temperature measurement
Temperature measurement
Platinum Group Metals for accurate Temperature Measurement

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