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Johnson Matthey plc (Noble Metals UK) Statement on REACH

Johnson Matthey plc (Noble Metals UK) is aware of the requirements of REACH registration and has taken steps to ensure that each substance marketed or used in quantities of 1 tonne or more by us will be registered by the appropriate deadline.  In accordance with this strategy Johnson Matthey plc (Noble Metals UK) will be progressing appropriate pre-registration.

Johnson Matthey plc (Noble Metals UK) is currently engaged in an exercise with its suppliers to ensure that they are taking the appropriate actions with regard to REACH and that there will be no disruption to our supply of raw materials.  We do not at this stage anticipate any issues in this area but will be taking a ‘no risk’ approach.

None of the substances we place on the market is currently designate as a substance of very high concern (SVHC) within the scope of REACH and we do not foresee that the supplies of any products supplied are likely to be affected by the implementation of REACH.

Jo Godden

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REACH Statement – Opens in a new window (PDF file: 0.28Mb)

REACH Statement – Opens in a new window (PDF: 0.28Mb)

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